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Technical Support:  
  Installation and Operating Instructions of VRLA

General Information
In normal use, POWER BATTERY VRLA batteries will emit no gases. However there is the possibility that under abnormal operating conditions or as a result of damage or abuse; the batteries might release hydrogen. In order to insure the proper function of its batteries POWER BATTERY strongly recommends compliance to its operating installation and maintenance instructions.

Upon receipt of shipment all cartons should be inspected and matched against packing list. Any shortages of batteries, cables or hardware should be immediately reported to Power Battery. Any damages upon receipt of shipment should be claimed as freight damage to the shipper. No replacement will be made unless missing or damaged items are properly noted on receiving documents before customer signature.

All batteries are shipped in a charged condition. If batteries are not installed immediately they should be stored in a cool, clean and dry area. These batteries should ideally be stored on a float charge. If not, then batteries should be recharged when open circuit voltage falls to 2.07 volts per cell, and/or every 6 months, whichever occurs first (see charging section for specifications).

Before proceeding with installation, review battery system drawings and assemble according to provided instructions. Normal battery operating temperatures are between 68F (20C) and 77F (25C). Cabinet enclosed battery systems are shipped fully assembled and internally pre-wired. Internal battery connections should be retorqued annually. Install cabinet(s) in a cool, clean and dry area.

Battery Connections
When installing batteries in a system, prepare contact surface of terminals to a clean, metallic finish. Use a wire brush to clean battery terminals and a plastic bristle brush to clean cable lugs. Apply a thin coat of an approved anti-corrosive compound to all contact surfaces of battery terminals. Torque all connections to the recommended value. Apply a final thin coat of anti-corrosive compound to all metal surfaces. Charging Batteries are shipped from Power Battery at approximately 95% capacity, and will attain 100% capacity after 6 months on float charge. Batteries must be maintained on float charge and should be fully recharged within 24hrs after any discharge. A high rate charge may be used to speed up the charging process, but only after a discharge. High rate charging should last for 6-8 hrs. maximum, then all batteries should be put back on float charge. All charging must be at fixed voltage.

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