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  What are the terms used when referring to batteries?

What are the terms used when referring to batteries?
ACTIVE MATERIAL 每 The chemically reactive material at the positive or negative electrode that engages in the charge and discharge reactions.

AMPERE HOURS 每 Measure of cell capacity. Product of current in amperes multiplied by the discharge time.

ANODE 每 An electrode at which an oxidation reaction occurs. In secondary cells, either electrode may become the anode, depending upon direction of current flow. The negative electrode is the anode on discharge, the positive is on charge.

BATTERY 每 One or more cells connected to form one unit and having provisions for external connections.

CAPACITY 每 The ability of the battery or cell to supply current to an external circuit.

CATHODE 每 An electrode at which a reduction reaction occurs. The positive electrode is the cathode on discharge and the negative is the cathode on charge.

CELL 每 Electrochemical device capable of storing electrical energy.

CELL-JAR 每 The vessel holding the cell components.

CHARGE 每 (or CURRENT) COLLECTOR 每 The structure within the electrode that provides a current path to/from the active material.

CYCLE 每 In a rechargeable battery a cycle consists of a discharge followed by a charge.

DRY CELL BATTERY 每 A Lechlanché carbon zinc cell.

DUTY CYCLE 每 The use pattern for a battery including charge, overcharge, rest and discharge.

ELECTRODES 每 Parts of the cell where the electrochemical reaction occurs. They normally consist of the active material and the current collector.

ELECTROLYTE 每 The medium for movement of ions within the cell.

ENERGY DENSITY 每 The energy stored in a cell or battery as a function of the weight or volume.

FLOAT 每 Maintaining a rechargeable battery on a continuous, long term charge, normally for use as a power backup.

FLOODED CELL- A cell where the electrodes are immersed in a pool of electrolyte.

GAS RECOMBINATION 每 Recombining gases formed within the cell rather than venting them to the atmosphere.

LECLANCHE CELL 每 Carbon zinc primary cell.

LIFE 每 The length of acceptable performance received from a battery, measured in years or in cycles.

MAINTENCE-FREE BATTERY 每 A flooded battery that contains excess electrolyte and thus does not require addition of water.

OPEN-CIRCUIT VOLTAGE 每 Voltage of a battery with no load applied to it.

OPERATING VOLTAGE 每 Voltage of a battery under load.

OVERCHARGE 每 The application of charge current after the battery has reached full charge.

PARALLEL 每 Interconnecting cells or batteries by joining all like terminals.

PLATES 每 Common term for electrodes.

PRIMARY CELL 每 A cell designed to be used only once, then discarded.

SEALED CELL 每 A cell where all reactants are retained within the container. May contain a vent for release during abusive overcharge.

SECONDARY BATTERY 每 A battery capable of repeated use because it uses chemical reactions that are reversible 每 i.e. the discharge energy may be restored by supplying electrical current to recharge the cell.

SELF DISCHARGE 每 The internal transition of active materials from the charged to discharged state.

SEPARATOR 每 Material which provides separation and electrical insulation between plates of opposite polarity.

SERIES 每 Interconnecting cells or batteries by connecting the negative terminal of one unit to the positive terminal of the next.

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