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Charging batteries properly requires administering the right amount of current at the right voltage. Most charging equipment automatically regulates these values. Some chargers allow the user to set these values. Both automatic and manual equipment can present difficulties in charging. Tables 2 & 3 list most of the necessary voltage settings one might need to program a charger. In either case the original instructions for your charging equipment should also be referenced for proper charging. Here is list of helpful items to remember when charging.

1. Become familiar with and follow the instructions issued by the charger manufacturer.

2. Batteries should be charged after each period of use.

3. Lead acid batteries do not develop a memory and need not be fully discharged before recharging.

4. Charge only in well-ventilated area. Keep sparks or flames away from a charging battery.

5. Verify charger voltage settings are correct (Table 2).

6. Correct the charging voltage to compensate for temperatures above and below 80o F. (Add .028 volt per cell for every 10o below 80o F and subtract .028 volt per cell for every 10o above 80o F)

7. Check water level (see the Watering section).

8. Tighten all vent caps before charging.

9. Prevent overcharging the batteries. Overcharging causes excessive gassing (water breakdown), heat buildup, and battery aging.

10. Prevent undercharging the batteries. Undercharging causes stratification.

11. Do not charge a frozen battery.

12. Avoid charging at temperatures above 120o F.

Additional VRLA Charging Instructions:

1. Become familiar with and follow the instructions issued by the charger manufacturer.

2. Verify charger has necessary VRLA setting.

3. Set charger to VRLA voltage settings (Table 3).

4. Do not overcharge VRLA batteries. Overcharging will dry out the electrolyte and damage battery.

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