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  Deep cycle lead battery manufacturing techniques

A. A Quality Process from Beginning to End
  Zonyon's dominance in deep cycle battery products is not an accident, but rather the result of years of R & D investment, continuous product testing and adherence to strict manufacturing procedures.
  Unlike high volume battery manufacturers, Santakups has not gone into high speed plate production techniques; nor have we sacrificed the quality of our product by using other shortcuts.
  Rather, we still produce CAST grids with heavy WIRE and FRAME design.
  To each grid, Santakups applies its specially formulated  Plus paste formulation. Its the optimized paste density of this proprietary formula which provides our products with their superior cycle life.
  Another Santakups  exclusive is its curing process. Once the grids are pasted, they are placed in specially constructed curing rooms which are temperature and humidity controlled.
  Then they are slowly cured. This provides Santakups  deep cycle battery plates with the most tenacious active material.
  Once the plates are cured, they are then hand assembled, sealed and formed.

Each step is completed under rigorous quality control standards to insure greater cycle time and battery life.
B. A Reputation Built Upon Performance
  Santakups  deep cycle batteries have consistently delivered a greater number of cycles over the competition.
  The lower end-of-charge current acceptance by Santakups  deep cycle batteries means reduced:
  battery heat
  water consumption
  recharge cost
  damage to active material
  In summary, Santakups  Deep Cycle batteries provide:

  Proprietary Alpha Plus Paste Formulation
  Maxguard? Advanced Design Separator
Longer cycle life
  Lower end-of-charge current
  Reduced water consumption
  Maximum run time
  Greater cycle life
  Lower electricity costs
  Less battery maintenance

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