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  Markets of Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery
  A. Why Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery?

Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery technology is recognized worldwide as being very suitable and successful in serving the electric vehicle marketplace. It is durable, efficient, economical and recyclable.

B. Markets Served

Santakups 's deep cycle lead acid batteries can be found in the following applications:

1. Golf Cars

2. Floor Machines

3. Construction Equipment

4. Aerial Work Platforms

5. Material Handling Equipment

6. Marine/RV

7. Renewable Energy/Solar Photovoltaic

We envision new electric vehicle energy requirements to capitalize on and benefit from Santakups  's years of experience, know-how and commitment to the future.

C. Technology, A Continuing Focus
  As an industry leader, Santakups  has introduced numerous innovations.
  Of prime importance is our Maxguard? Advanced Design Separator.
  This patented separator significantly improves battery cycle life and is used exclusively by Santakups  in our deep cycle products.
  In addition, Santakups  's proprietary Plus paste formula generates an active  material far superior to any in the industry today. The component is the key to longer battery life.
  Due to demanding performance requirements, all Santakups  deep cycle products are produced with the same "craftsmanship and attention to detail" which built our reputation.
  Today, Santakups remains committed to advancing the spectrum of deep cycle battery technology.
  Battery applications in the electric vehicle arena and advanced valve regulated batteries are prime examples of its research focus.


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