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MUST POWER LIMITED  is  implementing SPC, TQM and 6S scientific quality control methods in production on the basis of ISO9001 and 2000 international quality standards, recognize, manage and control production process; make reasonable analysis and scientific judgement for output results in order to obtain continuous improvement. Our goal is to provide every client products with the best quality.


MUST POWER LIMITED performs the qualitative control strictly according to ISO9001 international quality management system and it also passed ISO14001.


Due to the permanent pursuit to quality, MUST POWER products obtained the CE, UL, POCC,IEC certificate. MUST POWER LIMITED provide 100% reliable battery products to the global customers.  


Our quality department consists of will-trained and experienced staff and arrange all production processes in detail especially for important process we defines as key process for strict control; Meanwhile we make inspection for quality problems collecting and analysis so that to improve product quality constantly.

National certificates and honors:  
   Hi-tech enterprise
   Excellent Export Enterprise in General Commerce
   China Quality ¡n Promise sincere enterprise certificate 

Testing report:   
   Stationary Valve Regulated Battery testing report
   Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Battery testing report
   Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Telecommunication testing report
Network Access certificates:   
   Network Access License for Telecommunications Equipment
   Certificate of National Broadcasting and Television Bureau
   Equipment Access certificate for China UNICOM
   Network Access License for the Communication Department of National Defense

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